3-in-1 Antibacterial Laundry Capsules

Chicky Pods are 3-in-1 ANTIBACTERIAL laundry capsules. They are dissolvable and will make your laundry process simpler and more efficient. The 3 components of the Chicky Pods consist of Cleaning Detergent, Antibacterial, and Softener.


About The PODS

99% antibacterial

8 times cleaning power

Less foam, better cleaning

PH Neutral & suitable for contact with baby or sensitive skin

Active ingredients using the latest formula for 3rd-gen detergents
Water soluble film that dissolves easily within 5 minutes
Eco-friendly and safe for the environment
Sitting Chicky - ChickyPODS

Why Chicky PODS?

3-in-1 Antibacterial Laundry Capsules
Time Efficient

Quick & Easy

Having to pour in 3 different substances into your laundry machine, might take time and effort, but Chicky Pods can do it all for you in just one toss!
Squeeky Clean with Chicky Pods

More Effective

Increase effectiveness with its 8x cleaning power, less foam, and fragrance that will leave your laundry smelling fresh and clean, Chicky PODS.
No measurements needed

No Measurements

Chicky Pods come with pre-measured fluids, and that allows you to skip the measuring cups and toss the pods in based on your load size.
Mess Free

No Mess

Chicky Pods is water-soluble, so tossing it in the washing machine alongside your clothes will help prevent the risk of creating a mess in your detergent drawer.

What People Say

“My daughter loves it, she can use at her laundry dorm without having to carry 2 separate detergent and softener.”

– Lazada Reviewer

“Recommended seller, super fast shipping, good product, it smells so good!”

– Lazada Reviewer

“Fast delivery and received in good condition! Love the smell and cute design.”

– Lazada Reviewer

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